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This was a letdown.

Avid fans of the Baby-Sitters Club had been waiting for Richard and Sharon to get engaged and Mary Anne and Dawn to become stepsisters.

We were sure it was going to happen when the titles for Season 2 were released but found out in The Baby-Sitters Club Season 2 Episode 5, we were wrong.

Let’s dissect what really happened in this version. At least, they touched on the girls’ eagerness to become stepsisters and focused on Mary Anne’s own romantic relationship with Logan.

This is the first episode we’ve seen the new Dawn (Kyndra Sanchez) and Mary Anne have any meaningful scenes.

The two girls became fast friends in Season 1 so now that their parents have been dating for over a year, they want to become stepsisters. They’re almost giddy over the idea.

Richard and Sharon seem almost clueless about how their daughters are plotting their lives.

They’re enjoying family dinners and celebrating everyday achievements.

They gave their daughters the wrong idea when they suggested a celebratory dinner at Salvatore’s. It ended up being to celebrate Richard winning a case.

Poor Mary Anne was so disappointed that she became disenchanted with Valentine’s Day. She complained so much that Logan became nervous about asking her to be his girlfriend.

Logan: I was going to ask you to be my girlfriend today. I got you this bracelet. But it can totally wait until Friday.
Mary Anne: No! I mean, not no! Don’t wait until Friday. Yes, I’d love to be your girlfriend.

Mary Anne and Logan were adorable at first.  But, her friends kind of ruined it by being too excited that Mary Anne was the first one to have an official boyfriend.

What does that even mean at 13-years-old? Stacey said it meant that Mary Anne should sit at the couples-only table.

Even though Kristy hasn’t dated yet, she’s the only one that ever gives Mary Anne sane advice when it comes to dating,

Kristy: I’m happy for you…
Mary Anne: Why do I feel a but coming?
Kristy: Remember you are number one always and then we are number two, and your dad is number three so I guess he’s number four.

It’s challenging when you’re in 8th grade to know the rules of dating.

It appeared that both Mary Anne and Logan felt awkward at the couples-only table. They didn’t know how to act around people that celebrated weekly dating anniversaries.

Mary Anne wished things were like they used to be. She missed hanging out with her friends, and she was hurt that her friends were having a sleepover on the night she and Logan had plans.

She almost hoped that her dad would forbid her to go on a date, but then he wrecked that idea by giving her permission.

Richard was awkward and sweet as he tried to express from his notecards how he knew Mary Anne was growing up and he trusted her. These two have come so far and now share such a loving relationship.

I had a feeling you and Logan were becoming more than friends after camp, and I’m happy for you, sweetheart. He seems like a very nice kid.


On the other hand, Mary Anne and Logan seemed like they were miles apart. Having their first date at a formal restaurant like Salvatore’s was just a bad idea.

They were so awkward and formal around each other, unlike the way they used to be. They used to never run of things to talk about as they got to know each other.

Mary Anne hated that feeling so much she actually suggested a double date with Richard and Sharon they awkwardly ran into them at the restaurant.

Talk about desperate. What teenager wants that?

Since the Baby-Sitters Club began, the series has featured the parental relationships of Liz and Kristy and Richard and Mary Anne the most. We’ve seen bits and pieces of the others with their families, but it hasn’t been as in-depth.

When Mary Anne melts down after her date with Logan, Richard calms her down.

They had a sweet father and daughter moment when he reminded her that her friends would do anything for her, and he’d that over the years.

It was almost a lightbulb moment when Mary Anne realized she didn’t have to have a boyfriend in 8th grade, and they could go back to the way things were.

Mary Anne: Is that what you and Sharon are, friends who like each other? Because if so, I can learn to get used to that, but I just thought you would have proposed by now.
Richard: I understand. I can tell you with confidence that Sharon and I are more than friends who like each other. But we’re also adults with history and our own families. I’m not sure what to call it. We’re just us.

Liz was having a rough few days, so much so that she scared her stepdaughter Karen unintentionally.

It’s hard going through hormonal treatments at any time, but it’s even more difficult when almost your entire family and friends know about it.

Yes mom, I will bring you home some chocolate.


Kristy’s stepsister Karen kept scaring all the babysitters, saying she heard this ghost called the crying lady. Kristy later learned that was her mom crying in the bathroom.

Kristy had a habit of finding her mom breaking down and calming her down.

Liz: I’m just overwhelmed and hormonal
Kristy: I understand. I don’t, but I’d listen.

These two have always been close, but their relationship has deepened this season as they’ve dealt with the Thomases and the Brewers becoming one big family.

Hopefully, we’ll see some of the other parent and child relationships develop more soon.

Maybe, we’ll get a chance when the Spiers move into the Schafer’s on the next episode.

It is not the same thing as them becoming a blended family, but it will be interesting to see Sharon interact with both Dawn and Mary Anne.

We’ve barely seen Richard interact with Dawn before this.

Over to you, TV Fanatics.

Do you think Richard and Sharon will get engaged at a later date?

Did Logan and Mary Anne make the right decision to be friends that like each other?

Chime in the comments and let us know.

The Baby-Sitters Club is streaming now on Netflix.

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