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Netflix has been busy over the past few years snapping up studios and creators for its Netflix Original lineup. Below, we’ll take a look at every announced overall and first-look deal Netflix has arranged so far.

Netflix’s overall deals still pale in comparison with some industry staples. HBO, CBS, and ABC outnumber Netflix’s overall deals quite dramatically particularly when it comes to individual talent. With that said, the list below is impressive and covers a whole range of genres.

Here’s all the talent you can expect to see starring and making your Netflix shows over the years to come.

Netflix Overall Deals with Creators/Studios

Note: ordered by when the deal was struck

Bill Prady

Deal length: Multi-year – first look
Deal signed: January 2020
Known for: The Big Bang Theory

Bill Prady is mostly known for his big CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory which is co-created alongside Chuck Lorre.

Among the projects he’s expected to bring to Netflix include new comedy, drama, fantasy and science fiction.

JTBC & Studio Dragon

Deal length: Multi-year
Deal signed: November 2019
Known for: South-Korean Dramas

Netflix has been slowly building up its list of K-dramas for years and JTBC has been one of the biggest providers. Although the two had an agreement of sorts dating back to 2017, 2020 will see all output from the studio come to Netflix.

The deal starts in 2020 it will see all future JTBC prime-time series come to Netflix globally plus they’ll work together on new projects together too.

The Studio Dragon deal is with itself and its parent company CJ ENM. It’ll see the production house produce new series for Netflix and will see other titles come too.


Deal length: Multi-year
Deal signed: November 2019
Known for: Children’s content like Spongebob Squarepants, Rugrats and more

The news of Netflix striking an output deal with Nickelodeon conveniently came the same week Disney+ stormed onto the US market.

The deal states that Netflix will be getting new content whether that be in the form of movies and TV series based on existing and new IP.

Netflix has had dealings with Nick in the past with it carrying two of their movies in the summer of 2019.

The Duffer Brothers

Deal length: Multi-year
Deal signed: September 2019
Known for: Stranger Things

The Duffer Brothers are the two men that write and created Netflix’s biggest flagship show, Stranger Things.

Netflix also has an output deal with Shawn Levy who notably helps produce Stranger Things for Netflix too.

Nahnatchka Khan

Deal length: Multi-year
Deal signed: September 2019
Known for: Always Be My Maybe, Fresh Off the Boat

On September 18th, 2019, Netflix announced they struck a first-look deal with the talented director and show creator. Behind Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe from earlier in 2019, it’s not surprising Netflix honed in the talents of Nahnatchka Khan.

Only her movies are included with her continuing her work at ABC on the TV side.

Patty Jenkins

Deal length: Three years
Deal signed: September 2019
Known for: Wonder Woman

On September 5th, Netflix announced that Patty Jenkins who is coming off the back of her incredibly successful directing of DC’s Wonder Woman to produce new TV series for the streamer.

No news on what sort of TV programs she will produce as of yet but Jenkins has directed episodes of The Killing and I Am the Night.

David Benioff and Dan Weiss

Deal length: Five years
Deal signed: August 2019
Known for: Game of Thrones

In perhaps one of the most controversial Netflix deals to date, they signed a reported $250 million deal for five years to work on a series of TV and movie projects. Of course, they’re coming off the back of Game of Thrones, one of the biggest shows in the world although it had a rather controversial final season. They’ll begin working on Netflix projects once their Star Wars project wraps up.

Danger Goldberg Productions / Nick Kroll’s Big Mouth

Deal length: Multi-year
Deal signed: July 2019
Known for: Big Mouth

Netflix and the studio behind Big Mouth have entered into a multi-year deal where not only would they be producing new projects for Netflix but their current one, Big Mouth, gets another three seasons.

Janet Mock

Deal length: Three-year deal
Deal signed: June 2019
Known for: FX’s Pose

The deal with Netflix and Janet Mock made history in June 2019 as it’s the first overall deal of this sort with a trans person. It’ll see Netflix get exclusive access to any new series and the first look at any movie projects too.

Janet Mock is already at work on her first Netflix project helping Ryan Murphy with his series The Politician which is due out in September 2019.

Ricky Gervais

Deal length: Unknown
Deal signed: June 2019
Known for: After Life and Derek for Netflix, The Office for the BBC and Extras for HBO

Hot off the successful launch of After Life, Netflix signed a deal with Gervais.

Unlike most of the deals featured on this list, this deal doesn’t mean that Ricky Gervais can’t work with other providers, just that Netflix gets first dibs.

Regina King / Royal Ties Productions

Deal length: Multiple years
Deal signed: May 2019
Known for: Scandal at ABC, Greenleaf at OWN, Animal Kingdom

Regina King and her production company have had a hand in many titles you can find on Netflix right now.

Most known for her roles in big movies like Ray, The Big Bang Theory, American Crime, and countless others, she’s a formidable force in the entertainment world and certainly one to watch.

Manolo Caro

Deal length: Multi-year
Deal signed: May 2019
Known for: La Casa de las Flores for Netflix

This deal is the first output deal Netflix has with a Mexican director.

New projects from Manolo have already started with Alguien Tiene Que Morir (Someone Has To Die) the first to be announced beyond season 2 of The House of Flowers.

Dark Horse Entertainment

Deal length: Unknown
Deal signed: May 2019
Known for: The Umbrella Academy and Polar

Following the release of the well-received Umbrella Academy and the less-so Polar, Netflix is getting first look all the Dark Horse Entertainment projects in the pipeline. With a massive back catalog, Netflix will ensure it will be filling the superhero gap left by Marvel and DC.

Among the key figures involved going forward are Mike Richardson, Keith Goldberg, and Paul Schwake.

Kenny Ortega

Deal length: Multi-year
Deal signed: April 2019
Known for: High School Musical for Disney

Netflix looking to produce more content for kids signed up the man behind High School Musical produced for Disney. Kenny Ortega is a many of many talents and will be working with Netflix for multiple years.

Two projects have already been announced by Kenny.

Beyonce Knowles

Deal length: at least another two projects
Deal signed: April 2019
Known for: Being Beyonce

Beyonce Knowles is a world-renowned artist and actress and is going to producing at least another two specials just for Netflix in the coming years.

Her first outing on Netflix was with Homecoming and soon after the release of that, Netflix snapped up future titles.

Brad Falchuk

Deal length: Four years
Deal signed: March 2019
Known for: Fox shows like 9-1-1 and FX shows like Pose, American Horror Story and American Crime Story

Netflix also signed a deal with Ryan Murphy (featured in this article) who has worked with Brad on a whole bunch of projects which is probably what led to the deal being done.

Brad will continue to work on his existing shows (as will Ryan Murphy) including Pose, American Crime Story and American Horror Story but all will continue coming to Netflix around the world too.

Liza Chasin / 3dot Productions

Date length: Unknown
Date signed: February 2019
Known for: Les Miserables, The Theory of Everything, Baby Driver

Industry veteran Liza Chasin signed up to a first-look deal with Netflix on feature films earlier in the year. She’s also had a hand in the recent Tales of the City series as well as Gypsy.

This deal only covers any movies that involve Liza as she still has a first-look television deal with Anonymous Content.

Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy

Date length: Multi-year
Date signed: February 2019
Known for: The Haunting of Hill House for Netflix and other horror movies

After the success of The Haunting of Hill House, Netflix inked a deal with the shows two creators Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy. They’ve already been hard at work at their next two projects. One of those projects is the follow-up series to The Haunting and the other is called Midnight Mass.

Among Mike Flanagan’s other credits include Gerald’s Game, Hush and Oculus.

Darla K. Anderson

Deal length: Multi-year
Deal signed: January 2019
Known for: Coco & Toy Story 3 for Pixar/Disney

Netflix has had some success in the animated sector but mainly thanks to a deal with Dreamworks which is soon coming to an end. Anticipating this, Netflix signed up the director and visionary behind Toy Story 3 and Coco.

Darla will be working on multiple animation and live-action projects both that are movies and series.

James Honeyborne / Freeborne Media

Deal length: Multi-year
Deal signed: January 2019
Known for: Blue Planet II and Africa for BBC

Shortly before the release of the Netflix Original series Our Planet, Netflix snapped up the creator of Blue Planet II to produce multiple science and nature programs for Netflix in the future.

With all of the BBC nature documentaries scheduled for removal at some point, Netflix is clearly intending to replace with its own lineup.

Chris Nee

Deal length: Multi-year
Deal signed: December 2018
Known for: Doc McStuffins, Vampirina and Wonder Pets!

Hoping to boost its output for younger kids, Chris Nee joined Netflix with a multi-year output deal in December 2018.

Having worked with Disney for multiple years producing big pre-school hits such as Doc McStuffins, Vampirinia, and countless other projects.

Chris Columbus / 1492 Pictures

Deal length: Multi-year
Deal signed: December 2018
Known for: The Christmas Chronicles for Netflix, Harry Potter for Warner Brothers

Having produced Netflix’s biggest Christmas movie to date, Netflix snapped up future titles from Chris Columbus and his production studio 1492.

Chris continues to work on Warner Brothers and Blumhouse content but will be producing a new slate of original content just for Netflix.

Marti Noxon

Deal length: Multi-year
Deal signed: November 2018
Known for: Dietland and Mad Men for AMC, Sharp Objects for HBO, Girlfriends Guide to Divorce for Bravo

This is one of the lesser-known Netflix deals just because Marti is found behind the camera but the list of shows she’s been involved is immense and impressive.

Marti has worked with Shonda Rhimes on the likes of Grey’s Anatomy but has had hand in a huge array of projects. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Prison Break, Mad Men, Glee, Code Black, and most recently Sharp Objects all carry her credits.

She previously had an overall deal with Skydance.

Michael Sugar / Sugar 23

Deal length: Multi-year
Deal signed:
October 2018
Known for: Movies like Spotlight, Rendition, Collateral Beauty and Netflix series like The OA, 13 Reasons Why and Maniac.

Photo by John Wolfsohn/Getty Images

Michael Sugar may not necessarily be a name you’re familiar with but he’s had a hand in some great titles including some streaming on Netflix right now.

His company Sugar23 signed a multi-year overall deal for brand new films and series. One of the next to arrive from the studio is The Laundromat starring Meryl Streep although that was announced before this deal.

Shion Takeuchi

Deal length: Multi-year
Deal signed: September 2018
Known for: Disenchantment on Netflix, work on Pixar titles like Inside Out and Monsters University, Gravity Falls with Disney and Regular Show on Cartoon Network

Having worked on prolific animated titles at an array of widely respected location, Shion was given an overall deal towards the end of 2018.

Her first creation is coming soon to Netflix with the name of Inside Job.

Alex Hirsch

Deal length: Multi-year
Deal signed: August 2018
Known for: Gravity Falls for Disney

The creator of Gravity Falls signed up for a multi-year deal and serves a producer on Inside Job coming up on Netflix and an untitled project too.

The talented writer and voice actor is set to produced kids and adult animated series for Netflix.

Harlan Coben

Deal length: Multi-year
Deal signed: August 2018
Known for: Author of 15 books and creator of Safe for Netflix

Almost immediately after the arrival on Safe on Netflix, the streaming service snapped up Harlan Coben which means we’ll be seeing his other body of works translated onto the silver screen. Most of his works are thrillers, mystery or drama novels.

His latest novel released in March 2019 to rave reviews and is one of the projects to get the Netflix treatment.

Kenya Barris

Deal Length: Three years
Deal Signed: August 2018
Known for: Black-ish for ABC, Grown-ish for Freeform, variety of different movies

Hoping to expand its slate of comedy programming, Netflix poached Kenya Barris away from ABC and Freeform back in the middle of 2018.

Notably, Kenya managed to produce a sitcom that produced consistent numbers, something most have struggled to do. He also reportedly had problems with airing an episode on ABC.

Alex Pina

Deal length: Unknown
Deal signed: July 2018
Known for: La Casa De Papel / Money Heist for Netflix

The Spanish director and showrunner who lit up Netflix when it picked up his drama series Money Heist signed up to an overall deal with Netflix in 2018.

It will see Money Heist season 3 come to Netflix exclusively as well as the now confirmed fourth season. There are another two projects also announced due out on Netflix over the next few years.

Jason Bateman / Aggregate

Deal Length: Multiple years
Deal Signed: July 2018
Known for: Ozark and Arrested Development for Netflix and assortment of movies and TV series

Jason Bateman is a man of many talents of which he’ll continue bringing many to Netflix for multiple years. It’s a first look deal where all TV and movie projects could potentially land on Netflix.

Netflix poached Bateman away from Universal TV.

Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar

Deal length: Unknown
Deal signed: June 2018
Known for: Dark for Netflix

This deal marked the first overall deal with a European pair of creators. The two were behind the mind-bending German series Dark which continues to get rave reviews and a third season renewal due in 2020.

Beyond Dark, Jantje has worked on German movies such as Who Am I and Baran has directed the 2017 Sleepless.

Steven S. DeKnight

Deal length: Unknown
Deal signed: June 2018
Known for: Daredevil for Netflix, Spartacus for Starz and Pacific Rim Uprising for Legendary Pictures

The deal between Netflix and Steven S. DeKnight means Netflix keeps the producer of the best superhero series for Netflix thus far.

Having worked on some major house-hold name projects, he’s a welcome addition to Netflix and is currently involved in Jupiter’s Legacy.

Barack and Michelle Obama

Deal length: Multi-year
Deal signed: May 2018
Known for: Running the United States

The former President of the United States and the former first lady signed a landmark deal in mid-2018 to produce multiple projects for Netflix.

Among the first projects announced is a new documentary scheduled for release in August 2019 named American Factory.

Company 42

Deal length: Multi-year
Deal signed: April 2018
Known for: Watership Down, Sandcastle and The Titan for Netflix

Netflix and Company 42 have worked on multiple projects but in April 2018, Netflix signed an exclusive first-look deal meaning they’d get first dibs on any movie projects they wanted.

In The Shadow of the Moon is one of the first movies to arrive from the contract which is due out in September 2019.

Screen Arcade / Eric Newman & Bryan Unkeless

Deal length: Multi-year
Deal signed: March 2018
Known for: Narcos for Netflix ‘I, Tonya’ movie release and Bright for Netflix

Eric Newman and Bryan Unkeless first teamed up with Netflix to work on Bright starring Will Smith. Now they’re working under the banner of Screen Arcade and Netflix will get first look at new projects.

Ian Bryce

Deal length: Multi-year
Deal signed: February 2018
Known for: Saving Private Ryan, War Machine, Transformers

Having had a hand in some big blockbuster franchises over the years, Ian Bryce makes an obvious choice for Netflix. Possibly overshadowed by the Ryan Murphy deal back in February 2018, Netflix will get first look at any new movie projects

Ryan Murphy

Deal length: Five years
Deal signed: February 2018
Known for: Glee on Fox, Pose, American Horror Story and American Crime Story on FX

In the largest overall deal to date, Netflix signed up Ryan Murphy who is the creator of a huge body of well-known TV series that have released in recent years.

The longest deal on this list (that we know of) means that Murphy’s work will find its way exclusively onto Netflix starting with The Politician in September 2019.

You can find an up-to-date of all the upcoming Ryan Murphy series and movies coming soon to Netflix here.

Matt Reeves / 6th & Idaho Productions

Deal length: Unknown
Deal signed: January 2018
Known for: War for the Planet of the Apes and Batman

Matt Reeves has a long history of creating big blockbuster movies for 20th Century Fox where he previously had an output deal.

His credits include Let Me In, Cloverfield, Dawn of the Planets of the Apes but also has had a hand in TV series such as Relativity and Gideon’s Crossing.

Shawn Levy / 21 Laps

Deal length: Four years
Deal signed: December 2017
Known for: Stranger Things for Netflix, Arrival and countless movies

Two years after his deal with Netflix, Shawns credits mostly still reside with lots 20th Century Fox movie projects with plenty to come but his involvement in Stranger Things cannot be understated.

In 2017, Netflix announced all future TV projects from Shawn Levy and by extension his production company helmed by Josh Barry would produce new television series.

Jenji Kohan

Deal length: Multi-year
Deal signed: November 2017
Known for: Orange is the New Black & GLOW for Netflix and Weeds

Jenji has had a proven track record for both Netflix and other networks. After all, she’s now produced the longest-running Netflix Original in the form of Orange Is The New Black.

Netflix tied the knot in late November of 2017.

As part of the deal with Netflix, Jenji Kohan produces GLOW and the upcoming series called Slutty Teenage Bounty Hunters due out in 2020.

Shonda Rhimes / Shondaland

Deal length: Multiple years
Deal signed: August 2017
Known for: ABC shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Private Practice

Shonda Rhimes is possibly one of the most prolific TV writers in the United States right now. Behind the massive Grey’s Anatomy on ABC as well as other hit shows, Netflix was able to lure the creator away.

Shondaland’s first project for Netflix is due out in 2020.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Deal length: Multi-year (likely concluded)
Deal signed: March 2015
Known for:
Hollywood movies and documentaries

Leonardo DiCaprio is mainly known for his roles in big blockbuster Hollywood films but he’s also had a hand in creating big documentaries.

Although he’s likely concluded his deal with Netflix now given that some of his new docs are headed for HBO, there’s still plenty to watch from his efforts with Netflix.

The Ivory Game, Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski, Virunga are all titles that came out of the output deal.

Adam Sandler / Happy Maddison

Deal length: Multi-years
Deal signed: October 2014
Known for: Happy Maddison movies, SNL

One of the best Netflix output deals so far has been that with Adam Sandler. The comedian and film producer has created a string of hits for Netflix and most importantly, they get watched.

The Ridiculous 6, Sandy Wexler, The Do-Over, The Week Of and Murder Mystery have all released on Netflix as part of this deal.

Mitchell Hurwitz

Deal length: Multi-year (likely finished)
Deal signed: April 2014
Known for: Arrested Development for Fox,

One of the earliest Netflix Original revivals was Arrested Development and Mitch has produced multiple titles under his deal with Netflix.

Among the shows and movies Mitch has had involvement in with Netflix so far includes Arrested Development (two seasons), Lady Dynamite (two seasons), Flaked (two seasons) and A Futile and Stupid Gesture.

Although successful with the critics, neither Lady Dynamite or Flaked made it past their second seasons.

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