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The Sandman – Copyright. Vertigo Comics

As Netflix continues its expansion into Original content, tapping into the comic book market has definitely become a target of theirs. With such titles from Millarverse to look forward to, this time Netflix is looking to Vertigo comics’ The Sandman. Here’s everything we know so far on the first season of The Sandman.

In July 2019 it was reported by Deadline that Netflix and Warner Bros. TV had held talks to discuss the future of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman. With confirmation that Netflix has successfully picked up the series, this brought the title out of development limbo that it had been sitting on for decades. The adaptation will be handled by Allan Heinberg who previously worked on Wonder Woman and Grey’s Anatomy will serve as both writer and showrunner of The Sandman. Creator of The Sandman, Neil Gaiman will serve as an executive producer alongside David S. Goyer.

When is The Sandman season 1 coming to Netflix?

The series is still in the early stages of development, so we aren’t expecting to see a release date announced anytime soon.

We’ll expect to learn more soon as cast members and crew are slowly announced. We stand by our current prediction that we won’t be seeing The Sandman on Netflix until the Spring or Summer of 2021.

Will The Sandman be available in my region?

The series has been picked up as a full Original, which means no region will be excluded from watching The Sandman.

What is The Sandman?

The Sandman is an American comic book series created by Neil Gaiman. One of the few comic book titles to become a New York Times bestseller, The Sandman series was the flagship title for Vertigo comics. Neil Gaiman’s writing is famous for his take on Mythology and his use of anthropomorphic personification of metaphysical entities. Some of Gaiman’s most recent and most popular work are titles such as Starz’ American Gods, Good Omens on Amazon Prime and Lucifer on Netflix.

The story of The Sandman revolves around the character Dream, one of the Seven Endless. Dream, along with the other ‘Endless’ are billions of years old and each represents an embodiment of a natural force. Dream, also known as Morpheus along with a whole heap of other names and titles acquired over the Billions of years is the anthropomorphic personification of dreams. Morpheus resides in his realm “The Dreaming” where he has complete and utter control but struggles to adapt to change (a common theme recurring throughout the series).

At the beginning of the story, Morpheus is summoned by occult ritual but is captured and held prisoner for 70 years. Eventually escaping, Morpheus would reap his vengeance upon his captors and would return to his realm. During Morpheus’ absence, his realm had fallen into a state of disrepair and would set about rebuilding it. While captive, Morpheus had time to reflect on his past but the challenge of undoing past sins would be an enormous undertaking that’s billions of years old and set in his ways.

Morpheus – Copyright. Vertigo Comics

Who are the cast members of The Sandman?

Despite the fact that filming is scheduled to begin, a full cast list for The Sandman has yet to be announced.

We’re expecting to learn more very soon.

How much of The Sandman will be covered in the first season?

Neil Gaiman himself has promised fans that The Sandman adaptation will be faithful to the comics.

Preludes and Nocturnes is the first volume of The Sandman and covers issues #1-8. With the first season set to cover the first volume and some of volume 2 (The Doll’s House), there are loads to look forward to.

The Sandman has ten volumes in total (75 issues) so this means Netflix has the potential to produce of least 4 seasons.

Could Lucifer make an appearance?

Both The Sandman and Lucifer reside in the world of DC Comics. While both characters are lesser known for being DC characters, they have made cameo appearances every now and again.

The best example is Lucifer making an appearance in Preludes of Nocturnes (Issues #1-8 of The Sandman). Lucifer made another appearance later on in The Sandman’s run during The Kindly Ones in issues #57-69.

With bother characters owned by Warner Bros. TV alongside the fact that both shows would be Netflix Originals, there is definitely a chance that Tom Ellis could reprise his role once again as the Sovereign of Hell. What makes this even more likely is the fact that Tom Ellis rocked up during the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover on DC superhero tv shows.

What about other DC characters?

Throughout the run of The Sandman other popular DC characters have made cameo appearances. Batman is definitely the most high profile character that has had a cameo, followed by Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter. It’s highly doubtful any of those heroes will be making an appearance.

Lesser-known characters such as Black Spider, Doctor Occult and Mister Miracle could make an appearance.

Batman and The Sandman – Copyright. DC Comics

What is the production status of The Sandman?

Current Production Status: Filming Scheduled  (Last Updated: 23/01/2020)

The series was ordered by Netflix on the first of July 2019, and thanks to our sources we can finally confirm that The Sandman is scheduled to begin filming in January 2020.

Had Warner already tried to adapt The Sandman into a movie?

Previously a large selection of titles by Vertigo had been selected to go to New Line Cinema. The Sandman being one of these titles was to be adapted into a film. Taking on the role of director and starring in the film was Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Unfortunately, due to creative differences, Gordon-Levitt would leave the project and the film went back into limbo.

The artwork behind The Sandman is sublime – Copyright. Vertigo Comics

How many episodes will The Sandman season 1 air?

Neil Gaiman himself confirmed the number of episodes the first season will debut:

What are the episode run times?

This has yet to be announced, but we suspect each episode will be around 45 minutes to an hour-long.

Will The Sandman be available to stream in 4K?

Nearly all of the new Netflix Originals arrive in 4K, and The Sandman should follow suit.

It would be a crying shame if this wasn’t the case as the visual spectacle The Sandman has to offer will look spectacular in 4K.

Has Netflix released a trailer for The Sandman?

We’re a long way off before we’ll see a trailer for The Sandman. For now, here’s an origin video for the character.

Are you looking forward to seeing The Sandman on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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