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Networks are currently weighing up the positives and negatives of its remaining crop of shows on the bubble.

There’s now word that two NBC shows could be headed for cancellation, but that they could get a second life in the world of streaming.

Zoey’s Extraordinary has never been a big on-air performer, with its second season currently averaging 1.9 million viewers and a 0.36 rating in the demo.

But the series is strong on streaming, has critical acclaim, and is doing well on the awards front, so there is a desire to keep it going.

Deadline is reporting that while the future is in doubt for Zoey, NBC is looking at potentially moving it to NBCUniversal streaming service, Peacock.

The move would be welcome for fans because it means it would be away from broadcast and have a more permanent home, but such a move would require a lot of wheeling and dealing.

The series is a co-production between Lionsgate TV and Universal TV, making things considerably more difficult when it comes to a decision.

Alas, it will be a troubling few weeks until fans learn the fate of the series.

Another series with middling on-air ratings is Good Girls. The series is currently averaging 1.5 million viewers and a 0.3 rating, but it has been a strong digital performer since the jump.

Last season, it was NBC’s No. 2 show on digital platforms, proving that there is an audience for the show — they just don’t watch live.

The series remains in contention for an NBC pickup, but it is possible to move to Netflix as an original series on the streamer.

Good Girls topped the streaming chart earlier this year when its most recent season was added to Netflix. It performs well internationally, so making it a Netflix Original could come with some benefits.

NBC has also yet to make decisions on fellow bubble dramas Manifest and Debris. Manifest has the edge of those two shows as it is in its third season with steady-ish ratings.

Law & Order: Organized Crime is a lock for renewal, with NBC likely to have a night devoted to the franchise next season.

What are your thoughts on the prospects for these shows?

Would you prefer some of the shows moved to the world of streaming?

Hit the comments below, TV Fanatics.

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