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Tiltify, a fundraising platform bent toward social media creators, is teaming up with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to power the nonprofit’s 13-year-old Extra Life campaign and culminating Game Day event.

The Extra Life campaign annually asks the gaming community to raise funds over the course of one year to support 170 children’s hospitals in the U.S. and Canada, leading up to Game Day, in which creators enact the challenges and other activities that they have fundraised against. Game Day annually attracts thousands of gamers around the world on Twitch.

Beginning today, creators can sign up to participate on the Extra Life Tiltify page, and Game Day is slated to take place on Nov. 6. Previously, the fundraising infrastructure for Extra Life was furnished by Donor Drive, which will continue to work alongside Tiltify on this year’s event. Children’s Miracle Network notes that the addition of Tiltify, however, enables it to tap into that platform’s existing user base.

Tiltify works with thousands of charities and has helped raise a total of $120 million for myriad causes in collaboration with creators like Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Rooster Teeth, DrLupo, and MatPat. Tiltify powers campaign across TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals works to improve children’s health by furnishing life-saving treatments, healthcare services, research, medical equipment, and more. The Extra Life charity initiative has raised $87 million since its establishment in 2008, and provides 32 million treatments annually.

“Our community has wanted the CMN Hospitals’ Extra Life program on Tiltify for a long time, and we are thrilled to finally have them join our family,” Tiltify co-founder and CEO Michael Wasserman tells Tubefilter. “Our goal is to make every program possible available to our community so they can easily do all their charitable fundraising from one place.”

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