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February is just around the corner and already is set to see a number of movies and series leave the service for good. Here’s your ongoing look at everything scheduled to leave Netflix throughout the month of February 2020.

Although February doesn’t have any major removals (except Spartacus which was initially listed for removal in January) it will see some more of the BBC documentary library on Netflix departing.

We’ll keep this post updated throughout the month and you’ll also find other regional removal lists from our leaving soon hub.

Please note: if you’re not familiar with how titles leave Netflix, here’s what you need to know. We get word of what’s set to leave around 30 days before their departure date. In addition, we also get an expanded list from Netflix themselves by the end of the month plus more leaves without notice throughout the month.

What’s Leaving Netflix on February 1st

Cover Title / Description
Beast Legends Beast Legends (2010)
A diverse crew of experts dive deep into the origin stories of mythological monsters before building replicas of the creatures using 3D CGI technology.
IMDb Score: 4.6/10 Rating: TV-MA First Released: 02/01/2019
Camelia la Texana (TV Series)
Inspired by the famous song “Contrabando y Traición,” Camelia, a beautiful girl from San Antonio, kills her lover and becomes a legendary drug runner.
IMDb Score: 7.8/10 Rating: TV-14 First Released: 02/01/2017
Camp X Camp X (2014)
Established during World War II, North America’s first secret agent training school — known as Camp X — paved the way for present-day espionage.
IMDb Score: 7.7/10 Rating: TV-14 First Released: 02/01/2019
Dangerous Roads (TV Series)
Using various 4×4 vehicles, celebrities steer their way across some of the most infamous roads and trickiest terrains on earth.
IMDb Score: 7.4/10 Rating: TV-PG First Released: 02/01/2019
Harold Shipman – Driven to Kill (TV Series)
Interviews and dramatic reconstructions illuminate the twisted motivations and brazen crimes of serial killer and respected physician, Harold Shipman.
IMDb Score: 6.4/10 Rating: TV-14 First Released: 02/01/2019
Hunters of the South Seas Hunters of the South Seas (TV Series)
In a far corner of the Pacific Ocean, people who live entirely at sea share insights into their incredible amphibious lifestyle.
IMDb Score: 8.2/10 Rating: TV-14 First Released: 02/01/2019
LoliRock LoliRock (TV Series)
A teenager with a beautiful voice becomes a pop star but discovers she has powers that come from a magical realm where she’s a lost princess.
IMDb Score: 7.2/10 Rating: TV-14 First Released: 05/01/2018
Mexico Diseña Mexico Diseña (TV Series)
Young fashion designers vie for the chance to become Mexico’s next big talent by competing before judges in grueling tests of creativity and stamina.
IMDb Score: N/A/10 Rating: TV-14 First Released: 02/01/2017
My Tattoo Addiction (TV Series)
Ink junkies dig skin deep and share personal stories about their collection of body art.
IMDb Score: 4.8/10 Rating: TV-14 First Released: 02/01/2019
Operation Gold Rush Operation Gold Rush (TV Series)
A team of modern-day adventurers follows the footsteps of the money-hungry explorers who trekked the Klondike in search of Canadian gold.
IMDb Score: 6.4/10 Rating: TV-PG First Released: 02/01/2019
Pioneers of African-American Cinema Pioneers of African-American Cinema (TV Series)
This newly preserved collection features more than 20 films made by groundbreaking African American directors for black audiences from 1915 to 1946.
IMDb Score: 5.1/10 Rating: R First Released: 02/01/2017
Revolting Rhymes Revolting Rhymes (TV Series)
Popular fairy tales take on a darkly comic edge in these short animated films based on a book by Roald Dahl and illustrator Quentin Blake.
IMDb Score: 7.7/10 Rating: TV-14 First Released: 02/01/2018
Spartacus Spartacus (TV Series)
A Thracian man is condemned to a brutal death in the arena, only to outlast his executioners and be reborn as the enslaved gladiator Spartacus.
IMDb Score: 8.5/10 Rating: TV-14 First Released: 02/01/2015
The Bible's Buried Secrets The Bible’s Buried Secrets (TV Series)
Host Francesca Stavrakopoulou travels across the Middle East, offering extraordinary insights into the stories of the Old Testament.
IMDb Score: 5.1/10 Rating: TV-MA First Released: 02/01/2019
The Big Catch The Big Catch (TV Series)
In a global competition, eight fishing enthusiasts battle extreme conditions and dangerous waters to be crowned the ultimate angler.
IMDb Score: 6.7/10 Rating: TV-PG First Released: 02/01/2019
The Bomb Squad The Bomb Squad (TV Series)
This documentary follows British bomb disposal teams in Afghanistan and the dangers they face in their methodical lives on the front lines of war.
IMDb Score: 7.6/10 Rating: TV-14 First Released: 02/01/2019
The Furchester Hotel The Furchester Hotel (TV Series)
Elmo hops across the pond to help his extended monster family solve problems at their “almost” world-class establishment, the Furchester Hotel.
IMDb Score: 6.9/10 Rating: R First Released: 02/01/2017
The Lizzie Borden Chronicles The Lizzie Borden Chronicles (TV Series)
Exonerated in the murder of her father and stepmother, Lizzie Borden takes on crime lords, detectives and other foes as she savors her new infamy.
IMDb Score: 7.0/10 Rating: TV-MA First Released: 02/01/2016
Wartime Portraits Wartime Portraits (TV Series)
Part live-action and part animation, this visually inventive series offers striking portrayals of some of the unsung heroes of World War II.
IMDb Score: 5.8/10 Rating: TV-14 First Released: 09/15/2016
World's Busiest Cities World’s Busiest Cities (TV Series)
From Moscow to Mexico City, three BBC journalists delve into the inner workings of some of the most burgeoning metropolises on Earth.
IMDb Score: 7.3/10 Rating: TV-MA First Released: 02/01/2019
Yoko Yoko (TV Series)
Friends Mai, Oto and Vik’s games at the park become magical adventures, thanks to Yoko, who can turn playgrounds into spaceships and camping sites.
Rating: TV-PG First Released: 06/15/2018

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