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[Editor’s Note: Tubefilter Charts is a weekly rankings column from Tubefilter with data provided by GospelStats. It’s exactly what it sounds like; a top number ranking of YouTube channels based on statistics collected within a given time frame. Check out all of our Tubefilter Charts with new installments every week right here.]

Scroll down for this week’s Tubefilter Chart.

For a certain family vlog, five weeks in a row at #1 just wasn’t enough. This week, that channel made it six straight.

Though the top half of the U.S. Top 50 is filled with kid-friendly channels, none of them could match the prowess of the eight-year-old star at the top of the chart.

Chart Toppers

Like Nastya is now third in our Global Top 50 after sitting atop that chart two weeks ago, but the Florida-based channel hasn’t relinquished its U.S. Top 50 throne. With 549.8 million weekly views, Nastya and her family earned another #1 finish in our all-American ranking. Next week, Nastya’s reign could end, but even if it doesn’t, the child star is virtually guaranteed to receive the 79-millionth lifetime view on her primary YouTube hub.

The channel that could potentially catch Like Nastya next week is Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes. The Moonbug-owned children’s animation producer snagged 527.5 million views during the week that was. That total brought it within a stone’s throw of the #1 spot in the U.S. Top 50, but for now, the California-based channel will have to settle for second-best. It still has more lifetime views that any other U.S.-based channel, with 131.1 billion of them.

Another family vlog, Kids Diana Show, made a big upward surge this week. The home of Diana, her parents, and her brother Roma increased its viewership by 30% week-over-week and ended up with 443.6 million weekly views. Nevertheless, the Florida-based channel was unable to improve upon the #3 finish it earned last week. The competition is just that fierce.

Fourth place in this week’s U.S. Top 50 went to LankyBox. The gaming hub relied on its usual suspects — Minecraft, Roblox, Poppy Playtime, etc. — as it added another 279.6 million weekly views to its lifetime total. If LankyBox had received 10 million fewer views, it would have dropped all the way down to ninth place in our U.S. chart. So there’s your weekly reminder that every view counts.

The channel rounding out this week’s U.S. top five is the YouTube Shorts hub LeoNata Family. By securing 277.9 million weekly views, LeoNata managed to reach the same chart position where it ended up last week.

Top Gainers

On YouTube, a mix of long-form, short-form, and live content is becoming a potent combination for creators. One videomaker who exemplifies that strategy is Surfnboy, a gamer whose YouTube Shorts channel reached our U.S. Top 50 last week.

On his main channel, Surfnboy highlights his adventures in the world of mobile gaming. He likes to play Fortnite and is a member of Misifts Gaming.

His gaming content, however, gets far less traffic than his YouTube Shorts clips. Like MrBeast, Surfnboy likes to supplement his long-form adventures with reaction videos. He posts that commentary in bite-sized chunks, and the views roll in. One genre he likes to react to is optical illusion videos. This compilation of “the most insane illusions” has earned Surfnboy more than 123 million views all on its own.

Spurred on by videos like that, Surfnboy made it all the way up to 37th place in our U.S. Top 50. His shorts hub picked up 107 million weekly views, which put it in the top 25 among U.S.-based YouTube Shorts channels. For the energetic young creator, that sort of viewership seems like an illusion itself: Film yourself reacting to various videos and watch as your traffic increases by 42% week-over-week. How does it work? Only the algorithm knows for sure.

Channel Distribution

This week, there are 27 YouTube Shorts channels in the U.S. Top 50.

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