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[Editor’s Note: Tubefilter Charts is a weekly rankings column from Tubefilter with data provided by GospelStats. It’s exactly what it sounds like; a top number ranking of YouTube channels based on statistics collected within a given time frame. Check out all of our Tubefilter Charts with new installments every week right here.]

Scroll down for this week’s Tubefilter Chart.

There’s a new #1 channel in our U.S. top 50.

Though that channel may hold a unique position at the top of our American chart, it shares a lot in common with the ranking’s other top channels. Most importantly, it is a hit on YouTube Shorts, where the majority of this week’s U.S. top five generate the majority of their viewership.

Chart Toppers

Allow me to introduce AngLova, a newcomer to our U.S. top 50 and the top channel in our American ranking this week. Over seven days, the TikTok transplant added 469.3 million weekly views. That was not only the highest total of the week among U.S.-based channels; it was also the majority of AngLova’s lifetime views on YouTube. Like many other YouTube Shorts standouts, this one is succeeding with a channel that is almost brand new.

Right behind AngLova in second place is LankyBox, which finished first in our two previous U.S. top 50 rankings. The channel, which has a primary focus on gaming but also includes a wide variety of content, counted 399.7 million weekly views during the second full week of October. While that represented a 26% week-over-week boost, it wasn’t quite enough traffic to hang with AngLova.

The third channel in this week’s U.S. top 50 is SMOL. The YouTube Shorts hub added 299.8 million weekly views, which allowed it to surpass a significant milestone. Since its launch in March, it has accumulated more than two billion lifetime views.

The only channel in this week’s U.S. top five that doesn’t have a presence on YouTube Shorts is Kids Diana Show. The family vlog, which occupies the #4 spot in our American chart, picked up 250.7 million weekly views over our most-recent measurement period. It also has about five times as many lifetime views as all the other channels in the U.S. top five combined.

Khaby Reacts rounds out this week’s U.S. top five. With its arsenal of YouTube Shorts clips, it registered 245.4 million weekly views.

Top Gainers

The 46th-ranked channel in this week’s U.S. top 50 asks a very basic question: Are you familiar with animals? If the answer is yes, you’ll probably find something to like among the channel’s library of YouTube Shorts clips.

Familiarity With Animals is making its second straight appearance in our U.S.-based chart, and by moving up one spot since last week, it has reached its highest chart position yet. As you can imagine, the channel’s assembly of micro-video clips includes a number of cute baby animals, but the most-viewed content on FWA shows animals being “familiar” with each other — that is, fighting. In one clip, clearly ripped from a Planet Earth episode, a guanaco escapes a pack of pumas. It has more than 76.6 million views on YouTube alone.

In total, during the second full week of October, Familiarity With Animals picked up 67.6 million weekly views, which was a little more than Eminem and a little less than Blippi. That’s a nice performance for a relatively new channel, and if the YouTube audience continues to support animal-based content as it always has, FWA could hang around our U.S. top 50 for some time more.

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