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[Editor’s Note: Tubefilter Charts is a weekly rankings column from Tubefilter with data provided by GospelStats. It’s exactly what it sounds like; a top number ranking of YouTube channels based on statistics collected within a given time frame. Check out all of our Tubefilter Charts with new installments every week right here.]

Scroll down for this week’s Tubefilter Chart.

The top 50 most viewed YouTube channels of the week still include more hubs from India than from any other country, but for the fifth week in a row, it is an American channel that has claimed the top spot in our chart. Led by a Californian children’s studio, the upper echelon of our ranking was mostly unchanged, with only two channels flip-flopping their positions in the top five.

Chart Toppers

Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes received nearly three million more views this week than it did last week. While that would represent a massive upward trend for most channels on YouTube, it is just a drop in the bucket for the children’s animation juggernaut. The 837 million views Cocomelon received this week doesn’t even register as a 1% increase over the 834.2 million views it picked up in our previous chart period. Meanwhile, former chart topper T-Series remains in the #2 position, though it crossed back over the 700 million view mark thanks to a 15% week-over-week viewership increase.

The only change in the top five came in the third spot, where Like Nastya now resides after reaping the benefits of a 12% week-over-week viewership increase. The vlog channel earned a total of 645.9 million views this week, supplanting SET India in the process. The South Asian entertainment hub saw its viewership drop 6% from our previous chart, leaving it with 543.8 million weekly views. For the second week in a row, Kids Diana Show rounded out the top five. The family-friendly destination received 523.9 million views over the past seven days.

Top Gainers

The Turkish edition of Survivor recently wrapped up its 14th season, and the show’s fans have flocked to YouTube to find some of this season’s most memorable moments. A channel called Survivor Türkiye picked up 126.3 million views this week thanks to its repository of clips related to the Anatolian version of the iconic reality show. That total was good enough to increase Survivor Türkiye’s viewcount by 84% over the previous week, which launched it from 112th place all the way up to 44th.

Like American reality TV fans, viewers of Survivor Türkiye clips seem to be most interested in using YouTube to stay up-to-date on the latest memes. One contestant on the recent “ünlüler vs. gönüllüler” season — celebrities vs. volunteers — is Ersin, who seems to be the butt of many jokes.

Channel Distribution

Here’s a breakdown of the Top 50 Most Viewed channels this week in terms of their countries of origin:

  • India: 15 channels in the Top 50.
  • United States: 12 channels in the Top 50.
  • United Arab Emirates: 3 channels in the Top 50.
  • Canada, Thailand, Russia, United Kingdom, Turkey, and Argentina: 2 channels in the Top 50.
  • Puerto Rico, Philippines, Netherlands, South Korea, Pakistan, Jordan, Brazil, and Romania: 1 channel each in the Top 50.

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