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[Editor’s Note: Tubefilter Charts is a weekly rankings column from Tubefilter with data provided by GospelStats. It’s exactly what it sounds like; a top number ranking of YouTube channels based on statistics collected within a given time frame. Check out all of our Tubefilter Charts with new installments every week right here.]

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This week, the top five channels in our Global Top 50 chart all received at least 450 million weekly views. But even among all that impressive competition, one channel stands alone.

Read on to learn which hub — after spending a few weeks at #2 — has consolidated its position at the front of our Global Top 50.

Chart Toppers

After regaining the #1 spot in the Global Top 50 last week, T-Series extended its lead during the second full week of June.

The Indian record label, which regularly outpaces its YouTube competition on a week-to-week basis, added another 674.4 million weekly views over the past seven days. In terms of lifetime viewership, the gap between T-Series and its contemporaries is even bigger. No other YouTube channel is even within 60 billion of the 193.4 billion lifetime views the Indian channel has received.

In this week’s Global top five, we’re once again saying hello to another one of our regulars. SET India occasionally falls out of our rankings due to irregularities in how views are counted, but when the South Asian TV hub is included in our global chart, it tends to place highly. This time around, it’s all the way up in the #2 position. Its 610.6 million weekly views make it one of only two channels to surpass the 600 million view mark during our most-recent measurement period.

SET India’s return to the top five displaced Like Nastya, which dropped down one spot and ended up finishing third in the Global Top 50. The family vlog, headquartered in Florida, continued its run as the most-watched YouTube channel based in the U.S. It earned 549.8 million weekly views, which was enough for it to stay ahead of a different U.S.-based channel with a similar audience.

That channel is Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes, which ranked fourth in our up-to-date Global Top 50. The animation hub used its collection of colorful and tuneful jingles to pick up 527.5 million weekly views in our latest count. That total represented a 6% week-over-week viewership increase, and Cocomelon is once again closing in on the #1 spot in our U.S. Top 50.

Sony SAB, a sister channel of SET India, rounds out the global top five. The comedy-focused hub earned 452.2 million weekly views.

Top Gainers

You may have heard that BTS is breaking up (for now). After hearing that news, we’re asking the question on everyone’s minds: Will this be the last time that a new single from the septet pushes its label into the Global Top 50?

To be fair, BTS doesn’t always make it into our worldwide ranking, but when it does, it gets its money’s worth. The video for the optimistic new track ‘Yet to Come’ was released on both BTS’ personal YouTube channel and the channel representing the group’s label Hybe, and both of those hubs shot into our Global Top 50 as a result. Is there any other act that can match the viral popularity of these K-pop legends?

Maybe not, but soon enough, the competition will look quite different. With BTS members moving on to pursue solo projects, the Bangtan TV channel will likely become quiet in the not-too-distant future. Before that happens, expect the destination to stick around in our charts as long as it hosts VOD versions of the group’s breakup announcement.

In the spirit of ‘Yet to Come,’ let’s not dwell on endings. Instead, we can appreciate the eye-popping numbers: Hybe Labels ranked 29th in our Global Top 50 after receiving 214.7 million weekly views. Bangtan TV finished just behind it with 211.6 million weekly views and a 32nd-place finish. Those were the only two Korean channels in this week’s Global Top 50, so let’s salute the power of BTS and its omnipotent fandom.

Channel Distribution

Here’s a breakdown of the Top 50 Most Viewed channels this week in terms of their countries of origin:

  • United States: 19 channels in the Top 50.
  • India: 14 channels in the Top 50.
  • Canada, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, and Vietnam: 2 channels in the Top 50.
  • Belgium, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, Pakistan, and Puerto Rico:each in the Top 50.

This week, 30 channels in the Top 50 are primarily active on YouTube Shorts.

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