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Twitter is not working on an edit button.

It is, however, “exploring” a feature that’ll let two users coauthor a single tweet.

Mobile app developer Alessandro Paluzzi was the first to find hints of the in-development tool in Twitter’s code. He tweeted some preliminary info earlier this year, and this week updated with screenshots of instructions from Twitter showing exactly how the feature will work.

According to the screenshots, users wanting to coauthor will have to send a coauthor request from the tweet creation screen. You can only send requests to accounts that are (1) public and (2) follow you back (presumably so thousands of people can’t, for example, spam Our Flag Means Death creator David Jenkins with requests to coauthor tweets about gay pirates).

Once another user accepts your request to coauthor, the tweet goes live, and both of your user icons/usernames will display together in the usual spot. Tweets will be shown to both accounts’ followers, and both accounts will receive notifications when the tweet’s interacted with.

Twitter confirmed to TechCrunch that it’s working on the feature—called Collabs—but didn’t say if or when it’ll roll out to users.

It’s hard to imagine it wouldn’t be implemented, though, considering the potential Collabs holds for brand deals, and the fact that Twitter is really, really, really trying to turn itself into a more creator-appealing platform.

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