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Twitter’s latest feature lets users keep tabs on limited-edition product drops.

The ecommerce tool, called—wait for it—Product Drops, puts a “Remind me” button on participating brands’ tweets about their upcoming releases. Then, whenever those brands tweet about soon-to-debut items, users who see the tweets can choose to have Twitter ping them a heads-up on drop day.

Users who ask to be reminded will get two notifications: one 15 minutes before the product launch, and one at the exact time of the launch. Both notifications come with a “Shop on website” button that’ll port them over to the brand’s website.

Tweets using Product Drops will also have a product details expansion feature, where users who tap on the tweet will get a full-page look at the item along with info about things like price, availability, and reviews.

Twitter says its goal with Product Drops is to “empower shoppers to sta on top of the launches that matter most to them and provide merchants with another way to engage shoppers around big product moments.”

The platform plans to wrap its new feature into forthcoming drops from Dior, Fossil x Jeff Staple, Home Depot, LEGO, and UNION Los Angeles.

Future drops will be announced on @TwitterBusiness, Twitter’s hub for brands, it says.

Twitter also says it plans to “iterate” on Product Drops and other ecommerce- and business-related features. Those include Shop Spotlight, which it describes as a “feature that allows us to explore how shoppable profiles can create a pathway from talking about and discovering products on Twitter to actually purchasing them,” and Live Shopping, which is a pretty self-explanatory push into the growing (and often creator-led) QVC-for-the-internet industry.

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