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Netflix has announced the cast of its upcoming comedy series Unstable.

As previously reported, Rob Lowe will star in the project with his son, John Owen Lowe.

The rest of the cast includes:

Sian Clifford (Fleabag, Life After Life, Quiz) will play Anna, the Chief Financial Officer of the company run by Ellis (Rob Lowe), who has been with him since its founding.

Strong, smart, opinionated, and one hundred percent loyal to her boss, Anna is one of the only people in Ellis’s life who can go toe-to-toe with him.

Rachel Marsh (Head of the Class, Just Beyond, iCarly) will play Luna, a genius biotech engineer who works in the lab with her friend and research partner Ruby. 

Shy and awkward, Luna is happy to let her more outgoing partner do the talking for the two of them.

Emma Ferreira (Transplant, Learn to Swim, Midnight at the Paradise) will play Ruby, also a biotech genius (let’s just stipulate everyone who works here is a friggin’ genius).

Ruby is outgoing, friendly, and accessible … the opposite of Luna.

Aaron Branch (Lining, Kenan, Millennials) will play Malcolm, longtime friend of Jackson (John Owen Lowe).

He’s the project manager for the game-changing venture the company has been working on.

An extrovert who is actually insecure since he’s a non-scientist in a world of scientific geniuses.

Fred Armisen (Our Flag Means Death, Los Espookys, Portlandia) will play Leslie, Ellis’s board-appointed therapist who is desperate to be liked.

Tom Allen (Barry, Old Dads) and JT Parr (Hawaii Five-O, Real Bros Of Simi Valley) will play TJ (Allen) and Chaz (Parr), not very bright brothers who only have each other and are adversaries to Ellis.

They got their board position because their rich father helped fund Ellis’s company.

Unstable landed a series order back in April.

The series “follows an introverted son (John Owen Lowe) who goes to work for his very successful, wildly eccentric father (Rob Lowe) in order to save him and his successful biotech company from disaster,” according to the official description.

“It is inspired by Rob and John Owen Lowe’s social media relationship, in which John Owen often humorously trolls his dad,” the logline continues.

What are your thoughts on the cast for the series?

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Source: TVfanatic.com

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