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Virgin River concluded its third season with a funeral.

But the person in the coffin is not done with the show yet.

Lynda Boyd, who plays Lilly on the Netflix drama, has announced her character will be back for Virgin River Season 4.

“When I did have that chat that day with those producers, they said that the plan was to bring me back in flashbacks – like Mel’s husband, her dead husband,” Boyd told Radio Times of the day she learned Lilly would be killed off. 

“Nobody has said anything yet. As far as I know, Tara will look after Chloe. I’m pretty sure Annette [O’Toole] will come back as Hope. Nobody has any idea.”

Lilly was diagnosed with terminal cancer early into Virgin River Season 3 and passed away in the final episodes.

The actress also shared with the outlet that she was great friends with the people on the show.

“I’ve known Teryl (Rothery), who plays Muriel, since I was 14 years old. [She] and I used to take tap dancing lessons together, so standing up before them and telling them what a wonderful life I’ve had and how much it meant to me – they were all bawling.”

“That was real. It was almost like rehearsing for that day when I had to tell people I was dying, you know what I mean? It was hard but I think it might help people in some way, for anyone else who’s going through that, losing a loved one,” the actress continued.

While Virgin River Season 4 has yet to be officially confirmed by Netflix, all signs are pointing toward a formal pickup.

The series quickly hit the top spot on Netflix in several territories around the world, proving that fans are still drawn to the series.

What’s more, Virgin River Season 3 concluded with some wild cliffhangers that left various characters at jumping off points for new stories.

The series managed to bring the dead back in flashbacks in the past, so it will be exciting to see different aspects of Lilly’s life.

What are your thoughts on the actress sticking with the show?

Do you want more characters to return?

Hit the comments below.

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