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  • Sleek new design, more white space, less text.
  • All new layout for mobile
  • Pay TV + Streaming = Subscription
  • New industry Jobs section
  • Colour-coded badges for streaming platforms
  • Major streaming platforms added to drop-down menu
  • Search results sorting
  • Comments increased to 1000 characters + countdown
  • Gone: home page side bar, carousel, tag cloud


Welcome to the new look TV Tonight!

It’s been 6 years since the site last refreshed and there are a few changes which I hope you will come to appreciate.

You’ll find a few variations between Desktop and Mobile.

Tablet layout will depend on how you use your device, either as landscape (same as Desktop) or portrait (same as Mobile).


More White Space

You’ll notice the homepage is less-cluttered with more white space and images. The side-bar and homepage carousel have been retired for a more modern feel. Top stories that used to appear in the carousel now consist of one large and three smaller images, which on your mobile will entail swiping.

Subscription TV / Badges

Pay TV + Streaming sections are now combined into Subscription. This brings Foxtel stories alongside Netflix, Stan, Prime etc (some archival posts will be transitioned to this section later this week). To help you quickly identify stories relevant to your personal subscriptions, you’ll find colour-coded badges. In some cases there may even be 2 (Foxtel / Binge or Foxtel / hayu).

Posts move Left to Right

In the past you would have seen new stories move up and down in horizontal columns, but with expanded sections the rule of thumb is posts now move from left to right.

Post Hierarchy

Whenever a fresh story lands it comes with image / headline / excerpt. But as it moves through the new-look hierarchy the excerpt will disappear, to maintain a cleaner homepage. To help you identify daily ratings wraps there will also be a Ratings badge.


There’s also an Exclusive badge… and wait until you see what’s in store for Breaking News.

The top Menu now includes key streaming platforms as drop down options, and a larger Search field.

On Mobile you’ll also see the name of each section ‘sticky’ so you know which section you’re in while you scroll on your device.

As always there may be a seasonal section such as Logies, Eurovision, Upfronts, Coronavirus, and very soon another Olympics section.

Single Posts

You’ll start to see larger photos being introduced, where possible.

Comments are now boosted from 900 to 1000 characters and there is a countdown to help you keep track. A reminder to please maintain a working email in case I need to get in touch.

The Tag Cloud has been retired. New tags added to help find Auditions, Audience Tix.

There are extra social buttons now as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Email.

Category Pages (News, Programming, Subscription, Reviews etc).

As always you can display posts in these sections in either Grid or List mode.

There’s a new Sorting option for posts. This is particularly useful when used with Search results.


The Video section duplicates all posts that feature a video, however sometimes there are posts which are not featured elsewhere…. a bit of “extra” for those digging deeper into the site.


In keeping with being the ‘go-to’ industry site, I’m pleased to launch a new Jobs section for screen sector employment. It’s free to list and free to read. To upload a job, you need a site ID and submissions will be published after approval. This area welcomes freelance, unpaid and intern vacancies. If you’re looking for vacancies, there are three ways to filter listings: industry, location and job type. I look forward to this section building over time.


Ratings have been designed to be more mobile friendly with a cleaner look and scrolling within tables. Timeshifted numbers will now be added to the relevant date, no longer a separate section. I’m also in discussion with OzTAM about the ratings archive, more on this later.

TVT Vault

If you like those Friday Flashbacks you’ll hopefully like the upcoming TVT Vault posts. These will draw upon over 75,000 site posts, and republish an old story that reminds us how things have or haven’t changed. These will be a little more serious in tone, and often drawing parallels with current events.


TV Tonight remains a free site with no paywall. There are some new ad styles introduced to the mobile design and some of those are capped per session for the User.

Your feedback

There are bound to be a few glitches so please feel free to let me know!

This refresh has been in the pipeline a long time. My thanks to Joel Eade for design and development.

I hope you enjoy trying it out and grow to love it.


Photo: Roberto Parlavecchio

Source: tvtonight.com.au

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