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Narcos – Mexico

Previously on TMINE

TMINE’s plans to dazzle you all with a double boxset this week didn’t quite happen. Sure, I delivered unto you the whole of season 2 of Narcos – Mexico, but there was no second boxset.

To a certain extent I blame both a lack of background reading on my part and the raw material itself.

ZeroZeroZero turns out to have already been on Sky in the UK already. No point in reviewing that.

Utopia Falls (US: Hulu) might be be science-fiction, but here’s the plot: “Amidst the charred ruins of Earth, a group of teens are chosen to compete in the prestigious Exemplar performing arts competition; when they stumble upon a hidden archive of cultural relics, they question everything they have been taught.”

Yep, it’s a post-apocalyptic, young adult, hip-hop drama. That’s not happening here. Not on my watch.

Similarly, Interrogation (US: CBS All Access) might be a crime procedural but it’s an episodic anthology series, with each episode not merely having a different cast but actually being set in a different year altogether. No point reviewing that.

But I did give High Fidelity (US: Hulu) a try, since it passed both the inclusion and the exclusion criteria of TMINE. However, I only managed to get through two episodes because it wasn’t very good. I’ll talk about what I did see after the jump.

Thankfully, in the film world, Orange Thursday watched A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (2019) and Parasite (2019).

Al Pacino in Amazon's Hunters
Al Pacino in Amazon’s Hunters

Next on TMINE

Apart from all the lovely boxsets I’ve just mentioned but didn’t watch, there have been no new shows for TMINE to watch. Huh. More are on the way – they’re just not here yet. That means I’ve been able to watch a few more episodes of Netflix’s Locke & Key, which I’ll also talk about after the jump.

Hunters is coming to Amazon on Friday, as is Netflix’s Gentefied. I’m more likely to watch Hunters, given Al Pacino’s in it, so I suspect that’ll be Boxset Monday – or Tuesday, if work’s heavy. Tuesday I’m hoping to review Tribal (Canada: APTN). However, my access to APTN isn’t the best, so I might not be able to watch that.

If I can’t, I’ll bring forward my preview (remember them?) of the forthcoming War of the Worlds – not to be confused with the BBC’s recent The War of the Worlds, which is also based on the HG Wells novel. Otherwise, that’ll probably be on Wednesday. Or next Monday. I’ll do at some point, anyway.

Meanwhile in movies, tomorrow’s Orange Thursday will be previewing Greed (2020) and reviewing The Gemini Man (2019). Definitely. Probably during my lunchbreak.

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist
Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

The regulars

Experimental error continues since although I dropped a show last week, the regulars list still has three shows: The Outsider, Star Trek: Picard and Stumptown. I did try to add Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist to that, but the show hard-opened on a musical number that even Jane Levy had to take part in – which doesn’t even make sense, given the show’s central concept – so that got switched off inside a minute. I also didn’t have time to watch last night’s For Life today.

So all of those three shows after the jump.

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