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Previously on TMINE

With the double bank holiday weekend of Easter just passed, it’s not 100% surprising that TMINE didn’t manage to review anything at all since the previous WHYBW. But I did at least watch a whole bunch of tele, which I’ll talk about in a mo, and hopefully, I’ll be doing better this week…

Brews Brothers

Next on TMINE

I’m still no further along than episode 8 of the latest season of Babylon Berlin (Germany: Sky; UK: Sky Atlantic) and I never managed to find a way to view The Secrets She Keeps (Australia: Ten; UK: BBC Four). But they appear to be the only logjams in the TMINE viewing queue, since I’ve made great progress elsewhere. Yep, my quarantine-induced lack of focus, time and inclination to watch things appears to be dying down as I adjust to the new normal.

After the jump, I’ll be talking about a whole bunch of new shows: Home Before Dark (Apple TV+), Brews Brothers (Netflix) and Run (US: HBO; UK: Sky Comedy). Tomorrow, I plan to review an actual movie in a temporary replacement for Orange Thursday called Covideodrome: Sliding Doors (1998). Yes, I’ve been sitting on that name for a while.

Meanwhile, coming up over the next week are new shows Mrs America (US: Hulu; UK: BBC Two) and #blackAF (Netflix), with season two of Mystery Road (Australia: ABC; UK: BBC Four) arriving on Sunday. I will try to watch and even review as much of them as possible, as well as anything else I’ve overlooked – including The Baker and the Beauty (US: ABC).


The regulars

I haven’t had time to watch For Life yet, but other than that, it’s the usual regulars after the jump: Devs, Transplant, War of the Worlds and Westworld. Joining them, however, is newbie Tales From The Loop and we have the return of Bloom as well. See you in a mo.

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