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TV goes through phases, and from the Peak Era, we’ve gone to the Streaming Era. Quite simply, you’re missing a lot of good content if you aren’t in on that action.

This week finds Hulu dropping The Girl From Plainville, Disney+ premiering Moon Knight, and HBO Max tackling a comedic look at Julia Child with Julia.

They’re so good, that we hate to imagine you missing them. Here’s what else is coming your way this week.

WTW Mar 26

Saturday, March 26

8/7c The Lost Girls (Lifetime)

Adjusting to life again after escaping a harrowing experience within a sex trafficking ring proves to be a challenge for a teen.

As if trying to reconnect with her family isn’t difficult enough, she has a desire to rescue girls like herself still caught up in the trafficking system.

She’ll have to overcome some of her fears and trauma if she hopes to get justice on behalf of herself and others by leading the police to those responsible!

Sunday, March 27

8/7c The Oscars (ABC)

The Academy Awards, popularly known as the Oscars, are awards for artistic and technical merit in the film industry.

All the celebrities show up in their best outfits and show off the glamour.

Find out who wins live!

8/7c When Calls the Heart (Hallmark)

When illness requires Elizabeth to find a last-minute sitter for Jack, her new love rises to the occasion. How will Lucas and Jack get along?

Lee is still getting his feet wet at the Village Voice, and he’s a little disappointed that Rosemary keeps him on the political beat. But who better to cover the new mayor than a former challenger?

And May’s work with Newton continues. Will that relationship affect how Nathan feels about the new Hope Valley resident? Maybe we’ll find out!

8/7c Power Book IV Force (Starz)

This is the hour of Power Force you don’t want to miss.

With dahlia in demand, Tommy looks to bring someone else into help with the supply, while Walter tries to figure out what Claudia is doing behind his back.

It’s a fast-paced hour, perhaps the young series’ best, and it sets the stage for what should a thrilling conclusion.

8/7c Killing Eve (BBC America)

Eve delves into the past of her target and unearths some secrets from the history of The Twelve.

Villanelle re-embraces killing, and has a try at doing it altruistically before deciding to kill those who oppressed her.

Carolyn tracks down a top member of The Twelve – the same one Eve is pursuing.

8/7c NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)

Pre-empted for the Grammy Awards next Sunday, there are two back-to-back episodes this week.

First, when DOJ Agent Lance Hamilton’s partner is killed, Sam dons his previous undercover persona of “Switch” to find the culprit. Also, Kensi, Deeks, Roundtree, and Kilbride work to catch an aerospace engineer who stole classified Navy schematics.

Then, NCIS investigates the robbery of a high-end arts storage by going undercover as potential buyers on the black market, to find who is behind the stolen items.

9/8c Outlander (Starz)

After a long time away from his family, Ian returned to Frasers Ridge a changed man.

Now, we’re going to learn a bit more about Ian’s life with the Mohawk, and the tragedy that befell him, causing him to lose the family he loved.

It all begins when Jamie and Ian deliver the weapons to the Cherokee as promised. What else will come of that visit?

9/8c FROM (Epix)

What’s going on with Father Khatri?

After Sara’s disappearance, Khatri is acting a little funny, while Boyd starts to wonder if maybe they should be exploring the surrounding woods a little closer.

Things are getting real and the danger only increasing in the murderous town.

10/9c S.W.A.T (CBS)

Anyone remember John Q? Well, if you’re a fan of that film, then this episode of S.W.A.T is right up your alley.

The team most respond to a case when a bunch of hospital employees are targeted by a grieving father whose son was denied a kidney transplant.

Hondo is on double duty, when he also follows a lead on who is behind an uptick in stash houses around L.A.

Monday, March 28

Days of Our Lives (NBC/Peacock)

Uh oh! Spring is the season of love, but this is Salem, where you can’t snag a lover without breaking someone’s heart.

”Renee” causes yet more trouble for Tony and Anna — is the longtime couple’s foundation as strong as they thought? Meanwhile, Sarah/Renee’s antics cause just as much misery for Gwen, who upsets Xander with her reluctance to help come to his ex-lover’s aid.

And look out for Chad and Sonny’s plan to break up Leo and Craig to backfire spectacularly, while a fresh-off-his-heartbreak Jake makes a surprising offer to none other than Ava Vitali, his former mob boss.

8/7c 9-1-1 (FOX)

It’s time for Madney and Chimney to return!

One of our favorite 9-1-1 couples have been gone for most of the season, and during this hour we get to see where they’ve both been and hopefully how they found their way back to one another.

It promises to be a gripping and heartbreaking event.

9/8c 9-1-1: Lone Star (FOX)

Remember that weird undocumented fiasco during the snow storm that didn’t seem to fit in with the three-part event? Well, joke’s on us!

Owen is facing some harassment from the events of that day, and that crooked deputy on the take may be behind it all.But how many more people will be in danger as a result?

You don’t want to miss this one!

9/8c Snowpiercer (TNT)

Can you hear that train a-comin’? It’s the Season 3 finale, and it’s going to be a battle to the very end!

Wilford wants a war, while Melanie wants to take the safe route, and Layton is willing to risk it all for New Eden.

Who will the train follow? Will the right choice be made? Is there a way for everyone’s dreams to come true? Who’s too far gone to save, and why is it LJ?

8/7c All American (The CW)

After weeks of hard work at practice and the first game quickly approaching, Spencer has high hopes of playing in his first college game. Trying to find his place on the team, Jordan forms a bond with some of the seniors.

Asher and Layla have epiphanies about their respective relationships and realize they need to deal with it. Coop and Patience finally speak their truths leaving them in unknown territory.

Meanwhile, Olivia learns an important lesson as she slowly tries to work her way up the ladder at the paper.

9/8c All American: Homecoming (The CW)

Family relationships are tested when Simone and her friends follow their dreams.

Simone is so excited to see Baby Shay, but will she feel the same way at the unexpected guest that tags along? JR needs the truth about his family drama, but he does something rash first.

Keisha wants to follow her choreography dreams, but it could destroy her bond with her father. What will these students do?

10/9c The Endgame (NBC)

While Elena is chilling in FBI custody of her own free will, they get word that an inmate escapes prison.

But does that person have a connection to whatever game Elena is playing?

Meanwhile, Doak orchestrates a plan to take back one of the banks.

10/9c The Good Doctor (ABC)

Who’s ready for a more lightheaded hour after all the stress and tension surrounding hospital politics?

Shaun and Lea struggle to get in sync sexually, with Lea falling asleep in the middle of Shaun’s massage after nine days of difficulty!

And as luck would have it, Shaun’s patient during all this is a 45-year-old virgin.


Tuesday, March 29

The Girl from Plainville (Hulu)

This ripped-from-the-headlines fictionalized take on the shocking story of Michelle Carter’s seemingly callousness toward the boy she thought she loved as he struggled with suicidal thoughts, ultimately taking her life, is anything but salacious.

The creators behind the series have crafted a compassionate and tender story about two teens struggling with issues on a collision path where one of them, Conrad “Coco” Roy, wound up dead.

Elle Fanning is mesmerizing as Michelle, and Colton Ryan gives life to a boy’s pleas long after he’s gone. It’s not an entertaining watch, but soulful and true, shedding light on an unthinkable tragedy.

8/7c The Resident (FOX)

The Resident is back with a mindbending hour and some pretty fascinating cases that will have us holding our breaths and on the edge of our seats.

Devon treats a suicidal woman who he believes is a candidate for some Deep Brain stimulatio, while the dynamic duo of ConRaptor join forces on a case involving an aquaintance that takes them in unexpected directions.

Oh, and Billie is back, y’all!

8/7c FBI (CBS)

Interagency fun and games have a way of going horribly wrong, yes?!

A hockey game between DEA and ICE goes awry when an ICE agent is fatally shot amid the rivarly and good time.

The team figures that the shooter may also be after the congresswoman, which means that they’re on, yes, you guessed it, protective detail.

It sounds like an exciting one!

9/8c FBI: International (CBS)

We’ve only just met Andre Raines sister, Jordan, when she was in Budapest for a short visit. Unfortunately, Andre got very little time with her.

He’s going to regret that loss when Jordan goes missing, taking Raines to Kosovo to track her down.

Will he find her? Will his coworkers help? And how will the dramatic event affect the Raines we’ve come to know?

9/8c Naomi (The CW)

Can you spot the alien?

Greg and Jennifer’s anniversary party is upended when Naomi realized there’s another alien in the house, and she needs to figure out their identity.

Secrets, secrets are no fun. Secrets always hurt someone. Who’s hiding a BIG alien secret?

9/8c This Is Us (NBC)

It’s Randall’s turn for one final solo story!

When Randall takes a road trip with his mother, they talk about their pasts.

But that’s not all that’s on Randall’s mind, since Deja’s learned about how he interfered with her relationship with Malik.

Plus, knowing Randall, he’s got to be upset and confused by Rebecca’s decision to make Kate her proxy instead of him.

10/9c FBI: Most Wanted (CBS)

Isn’t weed supposed to be a calming drug?

Someone needs to tell that to the marijuana growing couple that the team must go after in Vermont after they massacre all of their employees. Chill, they are not.

Parenthood is starting to challenge Barnes who is regretting that she didn’t take more time off to bond with her new baby.

Wednesday, March 30

Moon Knight (Disney)+

When Steven Grant, a mild-mannered gift-shop employee, becomes plagued with blackouts and memories of another life, he discovers he has dissociative identity disorder and shares a body with mercenary Marc Spector.

As Steven/Marc’s enemies converge upon them, they must navigate their complex identities while thrust into a deadly mystery among the powerful gods of Egypt.

It has a cool concept, and we’re sure the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe series will be another resounding success.

10/9c Astrid and Lilly Save the World (SYFY)

Astrid and Lilly go head-to-head with the big bad. Can they actually save the world?

After repairing their relationship and defeating the doppelganger monster, Astrid and Lilly have one monster left to deal with: The Guardian.

Will they be able to defeat him? Find out on the season finale!

10/9c Good Trouble (Freeform)

Joaquin and Mariana may have more in common than she realizes! Mariana is curious about Joaquin’s experiences as a investigative journalist going undercover, with no idea that he’s doing that right now.

Mariana continues to use intel to her and her friends’ advantage, while Joaquin delves deeper into the Coterie history and asks Kelly about the mysterious Diana Graham.

While Gael is facing demans from both Yuri and Isabella, she’s getting much closer to Dennis.

Thursday, March 31

Julia (HBO Max)

Clearly, I am not the only person who is absolutely infatuated with Julia Child. I quite simply cannot get enough. Daniel Goldfarb (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) certainly agrees as the creator of Julia.

If you’ve had enough of hardfast dramas in her name, you should be excited about HBO Max’s take on Julia as a half-hour comedy. Any feature focusing on Julia has always had a touch of whimsey, but now it’s going all in on her life events in 1960s Boston..

The series stars Sarah Lancashire as Julia and David Hyde Pierce as husband, Paul Child. Bebe Neuwirth and Fran Kranz also star.

Star Trek: Picard (Paramount+)

It’s time to get the band back together and start saving the future! Be ready for even more familiar faces to crop up in 2024 Los Angeles as Q’s attempt to sabotage the Picard legacy involves more players.

How will the Watcher help them achieve their mission? Will Jurati be able to withstand the Borg queen’s charm offensive?

Moonshot (HBO Max)

Moonshot follows Walt (Cole Sprouse) and Sophie (Lana Condor) as they join forces in order to be reunited with their significant others. The two embark upon a lively journey that winds up taking them both wildly and unexpectedly off course. A romantic comedy with a twist from director Christopher Winterbauer.

8/7c Station 19 (ABC)

Station 23 has to officially say goodbye to their house, but there’s still no word yet as to if Andy and some of the others will find themselves at station 19.

Ross confronts Beckett about his drinking, but will it backfire on her and Sullivan? And will Beckett continue to jeopardize the team?

Meanwhile, Travis carries on the charade and meets Emmett’s parents.

9/8c Legacies (The CW)

Lizzie continues to search for Jen with Aurora’s help.

Hope returns to the Salvatore School with news of the gods.

Ben further opens up to Jed about his family history, Jed falling for him even more.

Cleo worries about the aftereffects of Aurora stealing her inspiration.

9/8c Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)

Meredith breaks the news to Zola that she’s considering a job offer and move when she spends some quality time with her when they’re off sick for the day despite the growing frustration back at GSM as the physician shortage is felt.

Winston and Maggie team up for a gamechanging surgery

And the hospital gets an unexpected visitor, but who?!

10/9c Big Sky (ABC)

Travis has gone totally rogue, which puts Jenny in a bad spot. Does she trust her sometimes beau to tell her the truth about his plans?

We’ll see what Travis does next, as he’s in deep with the Bhullar’s now.

And while Ren still has her sights on being the one in charge of the family, she may find an unlikely ally in her quest to gaining her father’s approval.

Friday, April 1

Cliff Beasts 6: The Battle for Everest (Netflix)

Humankind is threatened once again by a dinosaur species: Cliff Beasts.

The team must reunite, after five long years, to battle the Cliff Beasts – but this time on Mount Everest.

The epic saga continues with its fantastic cast!!

The Bubble (Netflix)

This is the edgy, real movie that will make everyone forget about all of their problems.

From the mind of Judd Apatow and with a cast including Leslie Mann, Pedro Pascal, David Duchovny, Karen Gillan, Keegan-Michael Key, Fred Armisen, Rob Delaney, Peter Serafinowicz, and Maria Bakalova, what else would you expect?

It’s all wrapped up in a comedy about a group of actors and actresses stuck inside a pandemic bubble at a hotel attempting to complete a sequel to an action franchise film about flying dinosaurs. We are so in!

Slow Horses (Apple TV+)

Did you ever wonder what happened to Mi5 agents when they mucked up so badly that they couldn’t be useful anymore? Well Slow Horses, from Veep’s Will Smith, aims to tell you.

Based on a book by the same name, Slow Horses suggests the errant agents are sent to Slough House, the bottom of the Mi5 barrel, run by its Chief, Jackson Lamb (Gary Oldman)

The trailer suggests there is still plenty of action left for the losers to take on. Kristin Scott Thomas, Jonathan Pryce, Olivia Cooke, and Jack Lowden also star.

Severance (Apple TV+)

After a personal triumph for Helly, the Macrodata team receives a special reward. Milchick grapples with his responsibilities, and one lucky worker gets a waffle party to remember.

Upset by an unexpected dismissal, the Innies plot their escape. Will the plan fail or succeed? Will the Innies discover their true selves? You won’t want to miss the most thrilling — and disturbing -– episode of Severance yet!

Pachinko (Apple TV+)

Sunja gets married and embarks on a new journey. She travels far from the comforts of her own home, and deals with the everchanging world. Solomon get’s ready for his big day.

The Outlaws (Prime Video)

The Outlaws is a comedic thriller about a group of lawbreakers sentenced to perform community service.

However, they are brought together in a bigger way than they thought when one of them got caught up in the world of Organized Crime.

The series already premiere in the UK, and it’s had an overwhelmingly positive response.

8/7c The Blacklist (NBC)

The Task Force searches for Sen. Panabaker’s missing daughter-in-law. While doing so, they learn there may be a larger pattern of abductions. Red continues piecing together the mystery behind Liz’s death.

10/9c Blue Bloods (CBS)

It feels like it’s been a long two weeks since we last checked in with our favorite Reagans. Blue Bloods is FINALLY back, and Mayor Chase doesn’t waste any time trying to get in between father and son.

When Frank finds out Chase bypassed him to request Jamie head his security detail, how will Frank respond? And just as importantly, does Jamie want this job?

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