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It’s a big week of TV coming your way!

We have some big TV premieres, movies, and so much more.

Check out what you should be watching this week, TV Fanatics.

WTW April 24

Sunday, April 25

1:01 am First Look’s Celebrity Sleepover (NBC)

This addictive weekend treat continues with Margaret Cho stopping by with her dog, and we’re sure it’s going to be another exciting installment.

It’s been fun to watch Johnny leave The Challenge in the past and move on to presenting.

Here’s a clip of him with his former Challenger co-stars.

8/7c 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After (TLC)

Coming off a truly awful season of 90 Day Fiance, the new edition of Happily Ever After? features three couples from that season.

Thankfully, the premiere mostly focuses on some of the better stars of the franchise, including Kalani and Asuelu.

Wait, they’re actually the only interesting figures in the premiere.

9/8c When Calls the Heart (Hallmark)

We’ve already had the pre-wedding jitters, so now that Florence and Ned’s big day is upon us, the whole town is at hand to give them their beautiful day.

Reflecting on the love of others always forces those around the happy couple to reflect on their own, and there are some surprises afoot with “Old Love, New Love, Is This True Love.”

And #Hearties, make sure you have your tissues handy because the emotions are pure and raw. You’ll wish you could pack your bags for Hope Valley to be a part of the magic.

9/8c Fear the Walking Dead (AMC)

Who would have thought Fear the Walking Dead would surpass the original series?

The tight storytelling, coupled with the genuine progression for the characters, has been a delight.

Now, we’re getting a whole episode dedicated to Daniel Salazar? Yes, please!

We’ve already watched the episode, and you’re going to love this one. It’s for the longtime fans!

10/9c Mare of Easttown (HBO)

Mare wakes up to another nightmare in her town, hot on the heels of her realization that the case she couldn’t solve is getting another push.

This time, though, Mare won’t have to carry the whole burden on her shoulders.

Evan Peters joins Mare of Easttown as a successful young detective brought to town to lend Mare a hand. Whether she accepts it gratefully or not can only be discovered by watching. Here’s a preview.

Monday, April 26

Bäckström (Acorn)

Evert Bäckström is a rock star among cops. Starring as a TV expert doesn’t help his ego or reputation. He thinks he’s a genius — and he is, at solving crimes.

When a woman’s skull is found, it seems she was murdered recently, but DNA points to her death in the 2004 tsunami.

Prosecutor Hanna Hwass believes it’s a mistake, but Bäckström sees a case only he can solve: a woman who has died twice.

10/9c Debris (NBC)

Someone commented on the Debris Season 1 Episode 8 review that we’ve never seen the effects of debris that has fallen into a body of water. Well, there’s good news!

When a diver finds debris off the coast, it accidentally erases his sister, so Bryan and Finola have to investigate. And it looks like Bryan suffers the effects of the debris, too.

Remember, debris is relatively harmless unless humans are around. Somehow, the message always seems to be that we screw things up on this planet no matter what!

Tuesday, April 27

8/7c NCIS (CBS)

Evidence from the stabbing of a Marine Sergeant leads Torres to meet his father, Miguel, who left when he was a child.

Also, the suspended Gibbs continues his budding relationship with investigative reporter Marcie Warren.

Check out the previous of this delayed episode now!

Wednesday, April 28

The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu)

The award-winning drama series returns with a three-episode launch.

Picking up right where The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 ends, we get to see June making sense of a new location.

Some new conflicts are introduced, but if you’re expecting a reprieve from the darkness, we have some bad news.

The series continues to put the characters through the wringer. Will this be the season that allows the series to course-correct?

Thursday, April 29

Things Heard and Seen (Netflix)

If you’re a fan of Netflix movies, then you’ll want to tune into this thriller premiering Thursday.

A Manhattan couple moves to a historic hamlet in the Hudson Valley and come to discover that their marriage has a sinister darkness, one that rivals their new home’s history.

Based on the acclaimed novel by Elizabeth Brundage, the movie features Amanda Seyfried, James Norton, F. Murray Abraham, and Karen Allen, who is no stranger to the haunted house genre (Amityville Horror).

Friday, April 30

The Mosquito Coast (Apple TV+)

A brilliant rebel and his wife take their family on the run to protect them but end up exposing them to more danger than ever.

At every turn of their adventure, they encounter increasing threats and intensifying moral choices from which there’s no turning back.

Justin Theroux and Melissa George star in this adaptation of Theroux’s uncle’s classic novel. Keep an eye on TV Fanatic for interviews with the stars before the premiere.

8/7c The Blacklist (NBC)

The Task Force hatches a plan to steal a Soviet-era cipher machine needed to decrypt coded messages.

Townsend puts Liz’s loyalty to the test.

Also, Red and Dembe are called to an unexpected meeting.

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