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Each week, I answer questions from our community including Patreons/YouTube Channel Members and this week, questions included:

Do you see more media companies selling off their linear channels in lieu of shutting it down entirely?
Are there any plans for shows like NYPD Blue or older David E Kelley shows coming to Disney Plus?
Do you hope that Disney Plus will add more content from their Disney Vault or has that all been added already?
Disney uses clips from the movie instead of the original trailer for archive films, would it be better in your opinion if they could use the trailers originally produced for the film where possible?
With Pixar’s Turning Red going straight to streaming on D+, whither the box office prospects of future animated/family-oriented films, Disney/Pixar or otherwise?
Do you see Disney Plus, 20th Television and FX developing Science Fiction, Fantasy and Action Adventure shows?
Could Disney work Out a Deal with FOX Corporation to share first-run rights with Disney+ in the U.S and FOXNOW
And much more.

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