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Five years after he was named the MVP of the Overwatch World Cup, Félix “xQcOW” Lengyel has cemented himself as the most-watched streamer on Twitch. He could live comfortably for the rest of his life off the money he’s already made, but that’s not stopping him from exploring new platforms.

On March 31, Lengyel launched an official TikTok account and uploaded its first video. A day later, he reminded the world where his primary channel is located when he broke his personal viewership record on Twitch.

Lengyel is a streamer through and through, so it only makes sense that he created his TikTok profile while live on Twitch. The Quebecois creator had previously reacted to short-form clips on his stream, but as he set up his TikTok account, he demonstrated that he still has a lot to learn about the popular app. In his first video, he leaned in too close to the camera and asked viewers to “BE NICE.” Silly xQc. Don’t you know how hard it is to find “nice” people on social media?

@twitchxqcow FIRST POST. IM LEARNING #fyp #xqc ♬ AUUGHHH – 🇩🇴

In its first five days of activity, Lengyel’s short-form video generated more than 800,000 likes and brought more than 318,000 followers to the xQcOW TikTok page. Those seem like big numbers until you compare them to Lengyel’s Twitch gains. The former Overwatch pro made more money than any other streamer in 2020 and had the most-watched Twitch feed in 2021. When a hacker released a list of the top-earning Twitch users, xQcOW’s $8.4 million revenue was good for second place on the list.

A reminder of Lengyel’s streaming dominance arrived one day after he launched his TikTok account. On April 1, he explored Reddit’s /r/place April Fools Joke and received death threats after butting heads with the My Little Pony fanbase. Despite the drama (or perhaps because of it), Lengyel’s stream counted 293,000 concurrent viewers at its peak. That’s the largest audience the gamer has even entertained on Twitch.

Meanwhile, Lengyel has not uploaded any more TikTok videos since the 31st, though he did log back onto the app in an attempt to “fix” his For You algorithm. If Lengyel ever did commit to Twitch, he could probably become one of the top earners on that platform, too. In the meantime, his fans will have to settle for his regular streams. As he claims in the bio of his TikTok account, he is “Live 24/7” on Twitch, so it’s clear where his priorities lie.

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