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YouTube is getting into business with Pope Francis.

The video giant has ordered a feature-length documentary based on Pope Francis’ second encyclical that will be premiering early next year. An encyclical refers to a letter written by the Pope, marking one of the highest forms of communication in the Catholic church, to address critical issues.

The film, titled Laudato Si’, carries the same name as the encyclical, which translates to ‘Praise Be to You‘ and whose subtitle is ‘on care for our common home’. Originally published in 2015, the lengthy letter includes an urgent call to action on protecting the planet and one another.

Laudato Si’, the film, is being produced by Off The Fence (My Octopus Teacher) in collaboration with the Vatican. The venture will follow the personal stories of several characters deeply connected to the climate crisis, while also convening people of myriad faiths with scientists.

“Sustainability and climate action are key areas of focus,” Nadine Zylstra, the head of family, learning, and impact for YouTube Originals, said in a statement. “Off the Fence’s expertise in this space makes them the perfect fit to bring Pope Francis’ critical message to our global audience.”

Laudato Si’ is currently in production. It joins other environmentally-focused YouTube Originals in the works like Jack HarriesSeat At The Table, Brave WildernessBrave Mission: Rewild the Planet, and ASAPScience’s Shut It Off ASAP.

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