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Welcome to YouTube Millionaires, where we profile channels that have recently crossed the one million subscriber mark. There are channels crossing this threshold every week, and each creator has a story to tell about YouTube success. Read previous installments here.

This week’s installment of YouTube Millionaires is brought to you by Bright – a learning platform focused on real conversations that level up your life. 

Sadie Aldis is nothing if not organized. Her YouTube channel–where she gives viewers an inside look at spring cleaning sessions, phone decluttering, daily routines, and life skills like managing investments–is a testament to that.

But the one thing that’s perhaps even more telling is what she did to get on YouTube in the first place. Aldis is 18 now, but she was just 14 when she decided to start her own channel. As you might expect, her parents weren’t exactly thrilled with the idea of her balancing a channel with school.

So, to convince them YouTube was a viable pursuit, Aldis did what came naturally: she made a full-fledged PowerPoint presentation about the pros of joining the platform.

Her parents were convinced, and Aldis was off.


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In the four years since, she has held herself to a stringent upload schedule, producing at least one video per week. As her audience has grown, she’s also–like many creators–dipped into making merch. Some of her items are classic offerings: hoodies, beanies, phone cases. Her most successful products, however, aren’t cloth or cases; they’re entirely digital.

Aldis vends a range of digital products that includes photo filters, custom presets for editing in Adobe Lightroom, and sets of aesthetic iOS icons that can replace iPhone’s typical app tiles with sleeker, themed alternatives for easier sorting. While she didn’t expect digital items to be so favored among her followers, Aldis is happy they are, since they don’t require her to maintain inventory or handle shipping.

YouTube is now officially Aldis’ full-time job, and her channel recently crossed one million subscribers–which makes this a good moment to welcome her to YouTube Millionaires.

Check out our chat with her below.

Tubefilter: How does it feel to hit one million subscribers? What do you have to say to your fans?

Sadie Aldis: It is amazing that I have this whole community of people who love the same things I do, and won’t get concerned for me when I reorganize my life in every third video. My viewers and I love manifestation, organization, fashion, aesthetics, routines…which is why I feel like we are all connected in such a personal way. I hope that hitting this crazy milestone will be proof to my viewers that, as cliche as it sounds, dreams DO come true. No opportunity is too big for you.

Tubefilter: Tell us a little about you! Where are you from? How did you get started on YouTube, and why did you pick YouTube to be your main platform?

SA: Hey!! I’m Sadie–a five-foot-one, 18-year-old social media creator! Fun fact: I am also type one diabetic. I had a very normal life growing up in Aurora, Ontario, until my YouTube channel starting picking up in 2019. One of my morning routine videos was picking up views at an oddly quick rate, and my subscribers started shooting up as well! I was like, “Uhhh, what is going on…This doesn’t happen to me!!!!”

I had only started my channel a year prior. I got so much motivation from the lifestyle channels, laughter from the comedy channels, and inspiration from the cinematography channels that I watched. I knew I HAD to give making videos a try. I then made a PowerPoint presentation to my parents explaining as to why they should let me start my own channel (as one does). They said yes (with a couple safety rules), and from then on, it’s been a dream.

Tubefilter: Your content focuses a lot on productivity and solid daily routines. What does your own routine look like? How do you balance making content with other pursuits?

SA: Planning out my day and having routines makes me feel like an absolute boss. My favourite type of routine has to be my morning routine. I love to wake up early, journal, do some creative visualization, and scroll on Pinterest for a bit. This way, I start my day with a bunch of good vibes and inspiration. I also thrive off change, which is why I love to create new routines for myself and share them on my channel. I use my weekly planner and iCal as my bible. I plan when I am going to create, upload, and promote my usual social content. After that is planned, I know exactly how much time I have left for seeing friends and family, working out, relaxing, and other passion projects!

Tubefilter: We wanted to ask about your merch a little bit, because we’ve noticed lately that there’s a growing number of creators selling digital items–like your Lightroom presets! How do those do compared to your other merch? Why did you decide to sell them?

SA: By selling different types of merchandise, physical and digital, I have learned that each creator’s audience has a different preference of what type of merchandise they would purchase. Surprisingly, my digital merchandise, such as Lightroom presets and iOS 14 icon packs, were more successful than I was expecting! There is also a lot more room for customization, as well as time for revisions to be done. There is no shipping or physical inventory needed for these digital items, which makes the whole process a lot less complicated and faster. I would definitely suggest any creator start selling digital merch!

Tubefilter: What one thing can viewers always expect when they tune in to your content?

SA: I am always so happy to see the comments on my videos saying how I brought happiness to their day or inspired them to get out of bed. I know that some of the best feelings ever are to be motivated, excited, and inspired. My goal is to make as many people as possible feel those amazing things. 🙂

Tubefilter: Is YouTube your full-time job? Do you plan to make it your career?

SA: Yes! YouTube is my full-time job. My channel will always be known as where my success started, even if I end up heading in a different direction later on. I don’t have an exact plan for my future, but I would love it to have a balance of social media content creation, acting, and running my own business. I have recently found a love for acting and am very excited to see where that takes me. I also think it is very important to spread yourself out across many platforms, not just YouTube. Some of my favourites include Instagram, Spotify, TikTok, and Pinterest!

Tubefilter: What’s your favorite part of making content on YouTube? Do you have any thoughts on making YouTube content versus making content for other platforms?

SA: YouTube is where I can make videos that are super rich in content. Meaning, they can be much longer than TikToks or Reels, and they’re more engaging than a long Instagram caption. For me personally, making YouTube content takes much more planning and creation time than any of my other platforms. Although I do love creating short, engaging, and fun content for Reels and TikToks! Those videos need a different skillset to engage the viewer on the For You and Explore pages in such little time. I show a lot more of my funny/casual side on those accounts.

To add on, I have been posting a new Instagram photo every other day for as long as I can remember, and I LOVE IT! Wearing sick outfits, shooting with photographers, and getting photoshoot inspiration from Pinterest lights me up inside! Lastly, I can proudly say that whatever content I make, I want it to be pleasing to the heart, but also the eye 🙂 It makes me so happy to create aesthetically pleasing videos, Instagram pictures, TikToks…everything!!

Tubefilter: What’s next for you and your channel? Any plans looking to the future?

SA: I hope to keep growing and inspiring my viewers no matter what I do. When it is safe, I am DEFINITELY going to be meeting up with some of my internet friends and making some content together. 🙂 I would also love to dive deeper into acting and starting my own business…Some things may already be in the works…

I am so hyped for everything that is to come!!


Sadie Aldis is represented by Danielle Pistotnik and Amy Neben at Select Management Group.

This week’s installment of YouTube Millionaires is brought to you by Bright – a learning platform focused on real conversations that level up your life. 

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