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YouTube is finally letting creators change their channel names and profile pictures independent of their Google accounts.

Up till now, a YouTube channel and the Google account associated with it had the same name and picture. So a creator could not, for example, name their channel DIY Hacks and use the same Google account to send emails as Jane Smith, because their display name would be set as DIY Hacks.

The new policy allows for separation of channel name and Google name, so creators can use their accounts to manage their channels under whatever name they prefer.

However, there’s a catch: if a channel name is changed, it will lose its verification badge, and the creator will have to reapply to get the channel verified again.

Channel name changes will not affect channels’ custom URLs, per YouTube.

YouTube says this feature has been a “top request” from creators. Its goal is to allow creators to make their channel names and profile pictures “more reflective of the content they create,” it adds.

This change begins rolling out to all creators today.

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