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For the second time, YouTube is pairing top creators with the CMOs of three global companies to discuss best marketing practices.

The second season of the series, dubbed CMO x Creator Conversations, will feature: Lilly Singh in conversation with General Motors CMO Deborah Wahl about the future of the automotive industry and the changing demographics of car buyers (see below); Binging With Babish alongside Nestle’s CMO Aude Gandon, covering sustainability in the food business; and Natalie’s Outlet discussing fitness in the wake of the pandemic with Peloton’s VP of global marketing and communications Dara Treseder.

Each of the interviews will live on the YouTube Advertisers channel.

“Building human connections with people to understand their needs and what they value is critical in our journey to an all-electric future,” Wahl said of her installment. “Lilly’s insights sparked an inspiring conversation and ideas on ways our team can ensure we bring Everybody In on our quest to transform mobility.”

In a blog post, YouTube’s brand marketing manager Margot Weiss explained that the series sought to depict the ways in which leading CMOs learned from top YouTubers in terms of adapting their marketing strategies in the wake of the pandemic.

The first season of CMO x Creator Conversations, which dropped last October, featured: Marques Brownloee and P&G’s Marc Pritchard, Liza Koshy and Jen Sey of Levi’s, and Alisha Marie with WW’s Gail Gifford.

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