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YouTube is tapping into the world of tarot.

To mark the ever-increasing popularity of tarot among creators and viewers, YouTube brought in Vanessa Somuayina (460K subscribers), Lavendaire (1.7 million), and Ediyasmr (277K) to create “Tarot with YouTube,” a digital draw where denizens of the internet can find out what’s in their cards.

Those who head to the Tarot with YouTube site can choose whether to focus their reading on love (guided by Somuayina), wellness (Lavendaire), or fortune (Ediyasmr). Pick a topic, and videos from the selected creator will take you through an interactive tarot pull that’s supposed to give insights about your past, present, and future.

Readings also “help you discover your Soul card, which is calculated based on your date of birth and shares insights on your innate traits and personal path in life,” per YouTube.

While the pull follows the traditional tarot format, the cards look just a little bit different: They feature creators like Safiya Nygaard and Larray, and celebrities like K-pop group BLACKPINK.

YouTube says it’s choosing now to honor tarot creators and enjoyers because “[t]he tarot community on YouTube has grown significantly over the past few years.”

In 2021, it adds, videos with “tarot” in the title brought more than 250 million views in the U.S. alone.

The Tarot with YouTube site dropped June 7, and will generate readings for a limited time.

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